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Curriculum plans

The curriculum plans (college)

Our department has set up the curriculum committee, which examining the curriculums year by year. To make sure that the curriculums follows the pulsation and the vicissitude time by the time. For the textbooks aspect, our staffs were published over 50 books to co-operate the teaching goal. It not only has advantages of the education to the school student, but also has many important contributions to the technique of manufacture at the middle area in Taiwan, even though the manufacturing industry in China also comes under the quite tremendous influence. In addition, we have the transparency teaching material, disc teaching materials and student self-study system…etc to help students study efficiently.


The curriculum plans (Master's program)

Our master’s program divides into the three groups, the curriculum plans mainly divide into three domains: “Precision Machinery Section”, “Manufacture Science and technology Section” and “Automated Engineering Section.” Cultivation for the strengthened professional skill, the three domains development key points as follows:


Team A:

“Precision Machinery Section” is the foundation of all high tech industry. Therefore, this group takes the “precision machinery design”,”the micro system design technology”, and the “computer aided design” as the research and the development key points, to meet the demands of related professional and technical skills. Moreover, the group has become the leading section of precision machinery academics and the engineering research units in the midland of Taiwan.

Team B:

“Manufacture Science and Technology Section” ‘ s future main development direction will be the low price, the high speed, the high accuracy, the minimization, the elastification, the robotic, the network and the environmental protection demands and so on. Therefore, this group of development key points include: Computer-Integrated Manufacturing technology, micro Nanofabrication and examination technology development, precision machine, optical element manufacture as well as information network science and technology in manufacture application and so on.

Team C:

“Automated Engineering Section” is automation and conformity for the mechanical engineering. This group in view of reliability project, the control and the mechanical and electrical conformity, the micro nanometer system, the semiconductor system regulation, the biomedical engineering, as the research and development key point. In order to cultivates the professional people in the control technology aspect and the Mechatronics Systems Engineering technology aspect.